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Hot lesbians Amy Brooke and Colton Sutton get into the kitchen to make sure they're ready for some domination action. Colton is a bit shy, but she'll soon get to enjoy her new roommate's expertise and give Colton a proper training. The two of them play around with their natural tits, stretching their shaven pussies and spreading their asses for a lesbian fuck. They both love licking and fingering their cunts to turn their sweet nails into passionate nails, causing them to moan with pleasure. When Colton discovered she was ready to play around with her gorgeous breasts, she forced Colton to be on her back, and got anally pounded. Colton also went all out on her bunghole, giving Colton a deepthroat blowjob. The two hot babes wanted to show off their bodies and their beautiful assholes, and they didn't even mind getting fucked in the ass!

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